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Badly Maintained Billboards Are Bad Business

We are our own worst enemy when we don’t take care of our billboards.  Here’s a recent letter to the editor of the Trumbull Times in Connecticut.

“To the Editor:

I’m writing to complain about a terrible blight issue right here in the Long Hill section of Trumbull.

I am the owner of Long Hill Hair Stylists on 6202 Main Street. Right across the street from my shop are four deteriorating billboards that have not had advertisements on them for at least two years.

I can no longer stand looking at this eyesore while I work. Even my customers have begun to complain about it.

As a longtime business owner and resident of Trumbull, I am very proud of my town. I am very happy and supportive of the new business and residential developments, as well as all the beautification efforts currently taking place in Trumbull. In continuing with these efforts, these billboards should be removed immediately.

Town officials must make every attempt to contact the billboard owner and force them to take down the billboards without delay.”

Click on this google maps link and you can see what the letter writer is talking about.  The google picture is three years old but even back then a couple of the boards look terrible. I expect things have only gotten worse.  Don’t court controversy unnecessarily by failing to maintain your boards.

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