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Billboard Business

Shareholder Agreements and Succession Plans

Billboard Loans has seen a lot of small outdoor companies who don’t have shareholder succession agreements. This is a big mistake. We’ve had two lending clients die suddenly. In each case their company was protected by a succession plan which allowed the business to function without disruption. What should a […]

Billboard Business

Five Reasons A Billboard Company Should Be Cautious When Dealing With Landmark

Landmark Infrastructure is seeking to purchase easements under billboard sites. I’ve seen several Landmark easement transactions and have been hearing the outdoor company landlords are being approached by Landmark. Remember the proverb about having a long spoon when you sup with the devil? Here are five reasons to be careful […]

High Resolution Digital Billboards Becoming More Popular
Billboard Business Digital Signs

High Resolution Digital Billboards Becoming More Popular

A couple weeks ago a digital sign sales executive told me that high resolution 16 mil digital billboards are outselling lower resolution 20 mil digital billboards by a ratio of 8:1.  I’ve asked digital sign sales people why and they’ve told me that costs have fallen to the point where […]

Billboard Business

Two nevers when negotiating a lease or an easement.

Landlords and easement companies are being more aggressive about adding onerous clauses t0 leases and easements.  Here are two nevers when negotiating a lease or an easement. Never agree to give your billboard to the landlord or easement holder when the lease expires or terminates.  A steel monopole billboard has […]

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Five Questions for Matt Schulze, Selective Structures

Matt Schulze is a partner at Selective Structures, an Athens Tennessee company which fabricates and installs sign poles, billboards, scoreboards and digital signs. Selective Structures annually fabricates over 1000 billboards each year. You can contact Matt at, 706-473-3250. 1. Matt, how did you get in the outdoor business? My first media sales job […]

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Four Things Your Outdoor Advertising Website Needs

I review lots of outdoor websites, and the best sites have at least four things in common. 1. Contact Information: A good website should give an email address, phone number, and physical address for the company. Contact forms are used by a number of sites, but though they offer convenience, they lack the […]