Billboard Business Interviews

Five Questions for Matt Schulze, Selective Structures

Matt Schulze is a partner at Selective Structures, an Athens Tennessee company which fabricates and installs sign poles, billboards, scoreboards and digital signs. Selective Structures annually fabricates over 1000 billboards each year. You can contact Matt at, 706-473-3250. 1. Matt, how did you get in the outdoor business? My first media sales job […]

Billboard Business Digital Signs Interviews

Five Questions for Darrin Friskney, Watchfire

Watchfire recently announced a ten-year uniformity guarantee and replacement parts warranty on their MX Class digital billboards. You can read the press release here. I interviewed Darrin Friskney, Vice President of Digital Outdoor and Marketing to learn more. Darrin’s contact info is:, (317) 650-7301 1. Darrin, tell us a little […]

Billboard Business Digital Signs Interviews

Five Questions for Deacon Wardlow of Vantage LED signs

Seems like three big digital sign manufacturers – Yesco, Daktronics and Watchfire – get all the press.  I recently discovered a fourth digital sign maker you should pay attention to: Vantage LED.  The California headquartered Vantage LED provides large digital signs to sports arenas.  They will be supplying the digital arena […]

Billboard Business Interviews

Five Questions for Frank Rolfe of

Franke Rolfe is a successful billboard entrepreneur and educator.  From 1982 to1996 Frank built the largest privately owned billboard company in Dallas.  Frank sold this company to Universal Outdoor (predecessor to Clear Channel) and subsequently owned a billboard company in Los Angeles which he successfully sold to Heywood Outdoor.  Frank runs the […]

Billboard Business Billboard Values Interviews

Five Questions for Paul Wright of SignValue, Inc.

SignValue, Inc. is the leading valuation and advisory firm in the country located in Mesa, Arizona.  They operate the website listing dozens of billboards for sale around the United States.  Paul Wright is an expert on trends in the billboard industry and a certified appraiser.  His book  Billboard Appraisal: The Valuation of Off-Premise Advertising Signs is a must read for […]