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Five Reasons A Billboard Company Should Be Cautious When Dealing With Landmark

Landmark Infrastructure is seeking to purchase easements under billboard sites. I’ve seen several Landmark easement transactions and have been hearing the outdoor company landlords are being approached by Landmark. Remember the proverb about having a long spoon when you sup with the devil? Here are five reasons to be careful […]

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What’s a safe level of debt for an outdoor company?

Lenders will advance up to 6.0 times cashflow (earnings before interest depreciation and amortization) to outdoor advertising companies. I think a safe level of debt for most outdoor companies is about 2.0 times gross revenue or 4.0 times cash-flow. This level is safe because it gives your company the financial […]


New Billboard Insider website is launched.

Today marks the launch of Billboard Insider ( a website devoted to news and analysis of the billboard and digital sign business.  The online magazine will fill the void in outdoor industry specific news and analysis caused by the demise of Outdoor Magazine and Out of Home Advertising.  Billboard Insider […]

High Resolution Digital Billboards Becoming More Popular
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High Resolution Digital Billboards Becoming More Popular

A couple weeks ago a digital sign sales executive told me that high resolution 16 mil digital billboards are outselling lower resolution 20 mil digital billboards by a ratio of 8:1.  I’ve asked digital sign sales people why and they’ve told me that costs have fallen to the point where […]

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Two nevers when negotiating a lease or an easement.

Landlords and easement companies are being more aggressive about adding onerous clauses t0 leases and easements.  Here are two nevers when negotiating a lease or an easement. Never agree to give your billboard to the landlord or easement holder when the lease expires or terminates.  A steel monopole billboard has […]