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Four Things Your Outdoor Advertising Website Needs

I review lots of outdoor websites, and the best sites have at least four things in common.

1. Contact Information: A good website should give an email address, phone number, and physical address for the company. Contact forms are used by a number of sites, but though they offer convenience, they lack the personal connection of a name and email address.

2. Interactive Map and Sign Info: An interactive map with sign locations gives your client a better sense of where your signs are than a static map. A picture of the sign is also important, as is key information such as size, traffic count, and cost. Becker Boards is one example of an excellent map interface:

3. Site Design: A professional website avoids clutter—be it too many menu tabs or other features. Also, aim for high color contrast. Black text on a white background is the classic, but other color combinations work as well, such as Lakeland Outdoor’s blue text on orange background: Above all, make sure the background is lighter than the print. White print on a black background may look artsy, but it is fatiguing to read.

4. Site Performance: Fast loading times are a must, and easily obtainable with a good host, but it is also important to make sure all links and pages work and are up to date.

I’ll be writing more on this topic in the future.


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